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PopHealth Notes

PopHealth Notes is a series of publications put out by the Quebec Population Health Research Network on the theme of population health.

Published periodically, the PopHealth Notes present the most cutting-edge research and scientific events in the population health field. Each issue explores a different theme related to the social inequalities of health, world health, first-line care, knowledge sharing, etc., and combines research results with comments by relevant players. Some issues feature colloquia reports and provide a privileged forum for decision-makers and stakeholders. As an ongoing part of QPHRN’s activities, the PopHealth Notes promote existing knowledge and open the door to new perspectives for consolidating population health research.

  • PopHealth Notes, Issue 1: "Health Inequalities in an Urban, Suburban, and Rural Area – Social Determinants and their Interaction"
    Health inequalities are of utmost concern in the minds of public health officials and researchers around the world. In 2006, a Québec research team headed by Maria De Koninck, Professor in the Department of Social and Preventive Medicine at Université Laval, published the findings of a study on this topic. Conducted over a four-year period, the study shed light on the social determinants of health inequalities in populations inhabiting three areas in the Québec City region. This document presents both a summary of these findings and an analysis of the impact they may have on potential action.

  • PopHealth Notes, Issue 3: "Avenues for Reflection on the Ethics of Knowledge Sharing"
    The practice of knowledge sharing raises a number of ethical issues for which there are no ready answers. This is why the Québec Population Health Research Network (QPHRN) organized a colloquium during the May 2007 ACFAS convention, bringing together ethicists, population health researchers, decision-makers and interveners working in knowledge sharing, to discuss the ethical issues surrounding the ways in which decisional and interventional settings make use of research. Three general conclusions resulted from the colloquium. This edition of the PopHealth Notes series presents these conclusions as approaches that could enrich current thinking on the topic.

  • PopHealth Notes, Issue 4: "Aboriginal Youth and Social Inequalities in Health"
    The fourth issue of the PopHealth Notes covers the question of aboriginal youth and social health inequalities. It presents eight innovative projects that are contributing to improvements in the health and wellness of aboriginal youth and their communities. The described programs, measures, intervention tools and communal projects have a common goal of taking action on various social determinants that have protective effects on health by being rooted in the realities of native communities. This PopHealth Notes was realized in collaboration with the Institut National de santé publique du Québec and follows a one-day conference on the theme “Investing in aboriginal youth today for healthy communities tomorrow”.

  • PopHealth Notes, Issue 5: "Global Health Research in Quebec"
    This PopHealth Notes aims to foster awareness among the public health research community on the significant contributions of global health research in Quebec. A growing number of researchers across the province are investing themselves in this domain. This document therefore addresses issues pertaining to training, the development of research capacities, and career opportunities in the field of global health available to young researchers. It presents a brief portrait of global health research in Quebec and identifies several recommendations to further favour its development. The document also highlights the work of three Quebec-based Teasdale-Corti teams, financed by the Global Health Research Initiative (GHRI), who have played a key role in the consolidation of global health research efforts in the province.


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