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Brief description

During the 2004-2009 round of FRSQ funding granted to the Quebec Population Health Research Network (RRSPQ), the Social Inequality and Health (SIH) Axis primary goal was aimed at increasing the capacity of research in Québec in relation to understanding the twin processes of production and reduction of SIH. The specific objectives were: 1) Stimulate the sharing of theoretical and methodological knowledge between researcher and research communities are Quebec and support the development of partnerships and joint projects. 2) To encourage scientific dialogue between the field of social sciences and the science of health to promote the implementation of multidisciplinary research. 3) Contribute to the formation of a multidisciplinary scientific report on the SIH. 4) Anchoring the development of knowledge in the public policy interventions and experiences of people. 5) Support the dissemination and sharing of knowledge developed from a scientific perspective and the perspective of intervention.

Since 2009-2010, the programming of this strategic priority includes the Social Inequality and Health Axis as well as the Life Course Axis of the previous funding cycle (2009-2013) because of affinities between these two themes and in order to devote greater specificity and promote greater clarity regarding the database strategic priority. The new joined Axis has so far been able to partner, through its various activities, the strong growth experienced by the field research on social inequalities in health in recent years. Successive reports of the Direction de santé publique of Montréal and of Quebec, the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Commission on Social Determinants of WHO recommend the implementation of interventions to reduce the SIH and research on these interventions. It is in this perspective that the Axis will pursue its objectives.

Objectives of the Axis

  • Develop research capacity on the SIH by promoting the development of research on interventions aimed at reducing the SIH.

  • Support the methodological developments in research on SIH.

  • Support training for the use of survey data.

  • Support to national leadership and international researchers in Quebec in the field of SIH.

  • Develop innovative ways to share knowledge by focusing first on key stakeholders that have little awareness, clinicians.

Members of the Axis

Axis Leader

Ginette Paquet, PhD
Études et analyses de l'état de santé de la population
Institut national de santé publique du Québec
945, avenue Wolfe, 3e étage, Québec, QC, G1V 5B3, Canada
Telephone : 418-650-5115, poste 5717

- Associate Professor, Département de médecine sociale et préventive de l'Université Laval

- Associate Researcher, Centre de santé et de services sociaux de la Vieille-Capitale, Centre affilié universitaire

Members of the Management Committee

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