The Network

Created in 2002, the Quebec Population Health Research Network (QPHRN/RRSPQ) regroups all of Quebec researchers working in public health and population, services and health policy and health and society. Funded by the Health Research in Quebec (FRSQ), it aims to support the development of research capacity in Quebec's health. Research in this field aims to identify, understand and act on social determinants of health to improve population health. It serves, among others, to guide public health interventions and inform public policy.

QPHRN/RRSPQ Organizational Chart

(April 2014)

Network Goals

  1. Increase research capacity in population health:
    • Facilitate and encourage the scientific research and interdisciplinary collaboration;
    • Encourage networking between researchers from different disciplines and institutions;
    • Support the relief by training programs.

  2. To support organizational initiatives, such as:
    • The creation of longitudinal databases;
    • The development of partnerships to facilitate access to databases and their exploitation.

  3. Promote the sharing and use of knowledge
    • Encourage and facilitate interaction between researchers, public policy makers, managers, central and regional as well as local stakeholders.


  1. Aim for the highest scientific quality;
  2. Develop projects that focus on methodological approaches rather than specific content (eg, cancer, cardiovascular, etc.).
  3. Focus, through contests, research projects and transverse coherent with its guiding principles;
  4. Support of actions conducive to health research in Quebec populations,
  5. Encourage the creation of inter-institutional and multidisciplinary teams;
  6. Encourage partnerships;
  7. Enhance the expertise, experience and leadership of Quebec researchers;
  8. Develop infrastructure accessible to the greatest number of researchers in Quebec;
  9. Promote ethical and theoretical reflection;
  10. Develop the sake of knowledge use by decision makers, practitioners and the public;
  11. Manage the network in a transparent and open.

Strategic Priorities

The RRSPQ identifies seven priority areas to strengthen in the field of population health. The Network makes them his Strategic Priorities.

By focusing on methodology themes, the Network intends to complement existing research groups, which have a health populations component . The Network succeeds in reaching and mobilizing researchers from humanities and social sciences which are less implicated directly in health research.

  • Ethics and Public Health
  • Exploitation longitudinal administrative databases
  • Social Inequalities of Health & Life Courses
  • New Information and Communication Technologies
  • Knowledge Exchange and Sharing
  • Global Health
  • Primary Health Care and Services