Rapports d'événement Value in Canadian Healthcare: Evolution or Revolution?

UBC Centre for Health Services and Policy Research - Conference Summary

On March 7-8, 2019, over 220 health policy experts, health system managers, researchers, students and members of the public from across Canada gathered in Vancouver for CHSPR’s 31st annual health policy conference.The theme was to present policy options for, and debate, improving the value from healthcare in Canada. The concept of value, and value-based healthcare, is increasingly appearing in the popular media, policy documents and health services literature—often without definition or a common understanding of what value in healthcare looks like.

The conference aimed to define value in healthcare, debate alternative frameworks for measuring value, and propose policy options for improving value. The conference drew from international experts in health systems research and included national, provincial and local health system managers, policy researchers, clinician scientists and patients. Participants were exposed to discussions regarding structural barriers, implementation challenges, patient experiences and policy goals regarding measuring and improving value from healthcare.

This document presents a summary of the presentations, discussions, and lessons learned, drawing from all experts and audio transcripts. Following the flow of the conference, the aim of the document is to present the current policy thinking on the topic of improving value from healthcare in Canada, synthesizing expert’s reflections on the topic, and concluding with a number of summative reflections. Speaker’s presentations are included as an appendix, and are available at www.chspr.ubc.ca/conference.