Publications Publication soutenue par l'axe PPSP : Attendant’s experience with the personalized citizen assistance for social participation (APIC)


Une publication de Karine Gagnon et Mélanie Levasseur en accès libre dans BMC Geriatrics (2020) grâce au soutien de l'axe Politiques publiques et santé des populations (Concours de soutien à la publication 2020-2021).



To promote healthy aging, the social participation needs of older adults must be better met. Previous studies have shown the benefits of the Personalized citizen assistance for social participation (APIC), but few explored its influence on attendants. This study explored the assistance experience of attendants in providing the APIC to older adults with disabilities.


A qualitative design inspired by a phenomenological approach was used with six female attendants who participated in individual interviews.


The APIC attendants felt useful, developed meaningful relationships with their older adults, and improved their self-knowledge. Attendants had the opportunity to reflect on their lives and self-aging. They contributed to older adults’ functional independence, motivation, and participation in social activities. Attendants encountered challenges related to withdrawn behavior in older adults, such as refusing to participate in activities.


Considering the identified benefits of the APIC for attendants, further studies should explore personalized assistance to preserve older adults’ health.