Soutien à la recherche et concours FR/EN: Bourse et mentorat pour la rédaction d’une publication scientifique / Bursary and mentorship for writing a scientific paper


Strengthening the research capacity of young emerging researchers in global health is one of the objectives of the Global Health axis and its Global Health Research Capacity Strengthening Program (GHR CAPS). The goal is to develop a community of practice that fosters mutual learning and resource sharing. To this end, the Global Health axis and GHR CAPS aims to provide support and mentorship opportunities for young researchers.

With this in mind, the objective of this competition is to allow a young researcher to link with a current Quebec Population Health Research Network (QPHRN) researcher to assist them with writing a scientific paper related to global health research and submitting it to a journal for publication. A $5,000 bursary[1] will be granted (payment in two instalments: $2,500 after the results are announced, and $2,500 after the paper is submitted).

It is important to note that this competition is carried out in two stages. The first stage consists of receiving applications from young researchers and evaluating their papers. The second stage will occur once the winners have been selected: their application will be forwarded to researchers who may be interested in assisting them with writing and submitting their paper to a journal. Note that since the goal is to create new mentorship relationships, candidates will not be paired with their supervisor(s).

The Global Health axis will not cover any other costs related to the competition (for example, editing or open access expenses). When applicable, the winners are solely responsible for covering these costs.


  • Any student who is a member of the Network and who is registered in a doctoral or postdoctoral program can submit their application.
  • The applicant must be the main author of the paper.
  • Before submitting an application, the applicant must confirm that their co-authors (if there are any, including supervisors) are comfortable with the student seeking mentorship and aware that the mentor may request to be a co-author if they contribute substantially to the paper. Authorship or acknowledgment of mentor’s contribution must be based on the criteria recommended by the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (
  • Applicants must be able to submit their paper to a journal within 4 months after the results have been announced. Delays related to the mentor's availability may be grounds for an extension. Any such request must be co-signed by the mentor.
  • The paper must address global health-related issues (i.e., improvement of health care services in low- and middle-income countries, Indigenous health, health of migrants/refugees).
  • The same paper cannot be funded by the QPHRN and its axes more than once.
  • A student who is a member of the QPHRN may submit applications to various annual competitions within the Network. However, a doctoral student or a postdoctoral fellow cannot benefit from more than $10,000 per year in financial support.
  • Only sufficiently advanced papers will be considered: a draft or a plan detailing the content of each section of the paper is required.

Submission of applications

Applications must be submitted by email with the subject line "2020 writing mentorship – Global Health competition" no later than the deadline submission date.  The application must be submitted as a single document (Microsoft Word or PDF) to the following email:

Application Content

Please download the application form (and save it on your computer prior to completion). It contains all the information required to apply.

Evaluation Criteria

Applications will be evaluated by a committee of peers based on the following criteria:

  • Progress status – priority will be given to the most advanced papers.
  • Relevance to the Global Health axis’ mission, objectives, and strategic priorities.
  • Preference will be given to papers that involve international, interdisciplinary, interinstitutional, or intersectoral collaborations between several authors.
  • Quality, originality, innovativeness, and potential impact of the paper.


  • The recipients are responsible for ensuring the quality of the chosen journal. BEWARE OF PREDATORY JOURNALS! (See: If the selected journal appears on this list, the second part of the bursary will not be awarded.
  • The recipients must submit their paper to the journal within 4 months after the results have been announced. Delays related to the mentor's availability may be grounds for an extension. Any such request must be co-signed by the mentor.
  • The recipients must inform the Global Health axis of the date their paper is submitted to the journal, and provide updates on the evaluation process, and final decision from the journal.
  • All authors accept to include the mentor as a co-author of the paper or to acknowledged their contribution (if the mentor wants to be a co-author or acknowledged and the ICMJE guidelines are respected).
  • It is mandatory to acknowledge the support provided by the QPHRN, Global Health axis, and GHR-CAPS in the publication.
  • A copy of the paper must be sent to the QPHRN to be used as a scientific report.
  • The recipients agree to publish the title of their paper as well as a summary (in French and English) on the QPHRN website, as soon as the results from the competition have been announced.
  • The authors agree to publish the (doi :) link with their paper on the QPHRN website.
  • The recipients will be invited to present their paper at the QPHRN's annual research days.

[1] Depending on your status, the bursaries may be taxable by the Canada Revenue Agency and/or Revenu Québec


2 x 5000 $

Application deadline

15 juin 2020

Deadline to submit the paper to the journal

Within 4 months after results communication 

Application form

Download the competition description in pdf