Support for the participation in international conferences

The goal of this competition is to provide graduated students (QPHRN members) with a financial support for the presentation of their research results at international symposia (online or in presence) addressing topics linked with population health research and the QPHRN strategic priorities. This competition can cover registration fees for online conferences as well as costs linked to the participation in in-person conferences.

The QPHRN aims to optimize the use and application of population health research in policy and practice towards improving the health and healthcare systems. In keeping with this goal, the QPHRN support cross- discipline/institutional/sectoral initiatives that focus on the transfer of knowledge into practice and policy. The Network also acknowledges the importance of the integration of equity, diversity and inclusion into public policies and/or practices.

Download the pdf description of this competition


Enhanced value
500$ (online events)
3000$ (in-person events)

Application deadline

March 18th, 2024 - 5 pm

The conference/event must be held before March 7th, 2025


The goal of this competition is to provide graduated students (QPHRN members) with a financial support for the presentation of their research results at international symposia (online or in presence) addressing topics linked with population health research and the QPHRN strategic prioritiesThis competition can cover registration fees for online conferences as well as costs linked to the participation in in-person conferences.

The QPHRN aims to optimize the use and application of population health research in policy and practice towards improving the health and healthcare systems. In keeping with this goal, the QPHRN support cross- discipline/institutional/sectoral initiatives that focus on the transfer of knowledge into practice and policy. The Network also acknowledges the importance of the integration of equity, diversity and inclusion into public policies and/or practices.


  • Candidates must be enrolled in a master's, doctoral or post-doctorate program and be a member of the QPHRN.
  • Candidates must provide proof of the acceptation of their abstract for an oral presentation or poster presentation in an international conference that is recognized by peers (beware of "fake" conferences organized by predatory organizations).
  • Presented material must be the result of the candidate’s work in his/her master’s, doctorate or post-doc program.
  • The conference may be held in Canada or online, yet it must have an international dimension (mentioned in the title, international speakers, etc.).
  • The conference must be held before the 7th of March 2025
  • The student must be first author of the abstract.
  • One such contribution only can be allocated per student per year
  • A same QPHRN student member can apply to various annual competitions launched by the QPHRN and its axes. However, a Ph. D. or postdoctoral student cannot be awarded more than $10,000 per year, and a Master's student more than $5000 per year.

Required documents 

  • Application form completed and signed by the student and his or her supervisor
  • Abstract of communication as submitted
  • List of coauthors and their affiliation
  • Proof of acceptance of the presentation/poster – failing to provide this proof will lead to the rejection of the application. 
  • Proof of registration at the conference. Priority will be given to candidates who can provide proof of payment. 
  • Information about the conference, including: title, location, date, and a summary to understand the scope and objectives of the conference
  • Proof of enrollment in a master's degree, doctorate or post-doctorate from a university in Quebec
  • Copy of academic transcript
  • Detailed estimated or actual costs: registration fees, transportation costs (plane, train, bus, cab), accommodation costs.

Selection criteria

  • Originality and scientific quality of the abstract communication
  • Relevance of the abstract to the mission, objectives and strategic priorities of the QPHRN and its axes
  • Conference renown (capacity for international outreach)
  • Potential impact on population health
  • Multidisciplinarity
  • Quality of academic record


  • Funded students must explicitly mention the Network financial contribution in their presentation or posters, and use the QPHRN logo.
    The following acknowledgment is suggested: “XX [name of lecturer or/and “The research team”] acknowledge(s) financial support from the Quebec Population Health Research Network (QPHRN) for the dissemination of these results”.
  • Funded students could be invited to attend and present their work at the nearest QPHRN Annual Scientific Meeting. 
  • Recipients agree to post their presentation or their poster  on the QPHRN website, after the event.
  • Recipients agree to post an abstract of the presentation or their poster on the QPHRN website as soon as the results of the competition are announced.


Applications must be submitted as one single attachment (Microsoft Word or PDF file) via electronic mail – by mentioning “Competition – participation international conference” as the subject – no later than March 18, 2024 - 5 pm at the following address:

It is candidates' responsibility to maintain proof of their submission email and communicate with Geneviève Malboeuf if they did not receive an acknowledgment of receipt within 7 days following their submission email.


Funded students will be reimbursed under presentation of invoices and receipts; max. 500$ for an online event and max. 3000$ for in-person events.

Request for reimbursement must be sent to no later than 2 weeks after the event.

The request must content:

  • Students’ first name, last name, affiliation, status in Canada (resident, non-resident, Canadian), current study cycle (2nd, 3rd)
  • Name, location and dates of the conference
  • Summary of the expenses; registration fees, travel expenses (plane, train, bus, taxi), costs of accommodation
  • A copy (scan) of all relevant receipts, tickets, boarding passes, …
  • Proofs of payement (excerpt of credit card account, ...)
  • Certificate of attendance to the conference

Important information for reimbursement 

  • Except for receipts such as bus tickets or taxi receipts (for instance), receipts must explicitly indicate the student’s name. If not, the claimant must provide the network with proofs of payment such as bank account statements
  • Only economic fares can be reimbursed
  • Meal costs will be reimbursed according to the per diem of Université TÉLUQ, for the length of the symposium + 1 day maximum
  • Accommodation costs: depending on the location of the venue and transport constraints, the QPHRN can reimburse: one night before the beginning of the symposium, nights during the length of the symposium, one additional night after the end of the symposium maximum
  • Please, keep the originals of your receipts and other submitted document until actual reimbursement

Enhanced value
500$ (online events)
3000$ (in-person events)

Application deadline

March 18th, 2024 - 5 pm

The conference/event must be held before March 7th, 2025


Pdf description of the competition

Application form



Consultez les résumés 

Clara Bolster-Foucault (McGill) et al. « Inégalités sociales dans le vieillissement chez soi au Québec ». Congrès International Francophone de Gérontologie et Gériatrie (CIFGG), 20-22 sept. 2023, Palais des congrès, Montréal. Affiche, présentiel.

Dorothée Comtois-Cabana (UdeM) et al. “Should you go touch some grass? The effects of outdoor physical activity on the association between screen time and positive mental health”. 3rd World Conference on Forests for Public Health, 4 au 7 Octobre 2023, Sherbrooke. Présentation orale.

Marie-Violaine Dubé Ponte (ULaval) et al. « Services d’éducation prénatale en ligne en période COVID-19: influence sur les indicateurs d’allaitement ». 33e Congrès annuel de l’ALASS (Association latine pour l’analyse des systèmes de santé). 30 août au 1er septembre 2023, Mexico, Mexique. Présentation orale.

Céline Duval (ULaval) et al. “Low-Value Prescriptions For Injury Hospitalisations: A Cohort Study”. International Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology & Therapeutic Risk Management (ICPE), 23 au 27 août 2023. Halifax, NÉ. Affiche, présentiel.

Maripier Jubinville (UQO) et al. « Un examen de la portée pour le développement d’une formation destinée à renforcer les compétences de l’assistante infirmière-chef ». Congrès du Conseil International des Infirmières (CII) 2023. 1 au 5 juillet 2023, Montréal. Affiche, présentiel.

Salome Kuchukhidze (McGill) et al. “The unique and joint contributions of intimate partner violence and male HIV partner status on adolescent girls’ and young women’s risk of living with HIV: a pooled analysis of cohabiting couples from 35 surveys in sub-Saharan Africa (2000-2020)”. The Society for Epidemiologic Research (SER) 2023 Conference. 13 au 16 juin 2023. Portland, OR.
Présentation orale.

Jade Marquis (UQO) et al. “Family practices within the post-partum context: what place for fathers of families living in socio-economic vulnerability in Quebec?”. 2nd Munich International Meeting on Parental Psychopathology and (E-Health) Preventive Interventions. 14 et 15 septembre 2023, Munich, Allemagne. Affiche, présentiel.

Pablo Alberto Martinez Diaz (UdeS) et al. “Alcohol consumption in two cohorts of individuals exposed and non-exposed to major substance-related policy reforms in Chile”. International Conference on Public Policy 6. 27 au 29 juin 2023, Toronto. Présentation orale.

Florence Piché (UdeM) et al. “Substance use disorder in people with mental disorders using an international database: how might physical activity and multimorbidity differ and influence one another?”. The Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction (CCSA) Issues of Substance 2023: Inspiration, Innovation, Inclusion, 20 au 22 novembre 2023, Vancouver. Affiche, présentiel.

Marc Simard (ULaval) et al. “Ten-year trajectories of multimobidity and impact on health services and polypharmacy in older people”. 37th Annual conference on Pharmacoepidemiology and Therapeutic Risk Management of the International society for pharmacoepidemiology, 23 au 27 août 2023, Halifax, NÉ. Présentation orale.

Julien Vachon (UdeM) et al. “From Linear Regression to Machine Learning: Comparing Performance of Multiple Intra-Urban Ultrafine Particles Models”. International Society of Exposure Science 2023 Annual Meeting. 27 au 31 août 2023, Chicago (États-Unis). Affiche, présentiel.

Azita Zahiriharsini (UQAR) et al. “Sex and gender considerations in the associations between psychosocial stressors at work and coronary heart diseases incidence: 20-year prospective cohort study”. 17th International Congress of Behavioral Medicine From Local to Global: Behavior, Climate and Health. 23 au 26 août 2023, Sheraton Wall Centre Hotel, Vancouver. Présentation orale.


Consultez les résumés !

Michaela Bunakova (UMcGill) et al. “Changes in opioid use, non-prescription drug use and help-seeking behaviors in Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic”. American Sociological Association (ASA)’s Annual Meeting. 5 au 9 août, Los Angeles, presentation orale.

Catherine Côté (ULaval) et al. « Rétention des infirmières : quelles sont les attentes de la relève? ». 8e Congrès mondial des infirmières et infirmiers francophones (SIDIIEF). 16 au 20 octobre 2022, Ottawa, communication orale, présentiel.

Carina D'Aiuto (USherbrooke) et al. “Patient and health system factors associated with potentially inappropriate opioid use in non-cancer community-dwelling older adults”. 38th International Conference on Pharmacoepidemiology & Therapeutic Risk Management (ICPE 2022). 24 au 28 août 2022, Copenhague (Danemark), affiche, présentiel.

Cécile Duval (ULaval) et al. « Compression pneumatique intermittente adjuvante : revue systématique et méta-analyse ». Congrès International d'Épidémiologie 2022. 18 au 20 août 2022, Québec, communication orale, présentiel.

Marimée Godbout-Parent (UQAT) et al. “Gender Identity and Gender Roles Differences in Multimodal Chronic Pain Management”. International Association for the Study of Pain (IASP) 2022 World Congress on Pain. 19 au 23 septembre 2022, Toronto, affiche, présentiel.

Ellen Jackson (UdeM) et al. “Using directed acyclic graphs to identify confounders of the relationship between pig roaming and pig cysticercosis (Taenia solium)”. 16th International Symposium of Veterinary Epidemiology and Economics. 7 au 12 août 2022, Halifax, communication orale, présentiel.

Paul Rodrigues (UQAM) et al. « Influence de l’accès aux espaces verts et aux équipements sportifs et récréatifs sur la violence dans les relations amoureuses chez les adolescents à Montréal ». Congrès International d'Épidémiologie 2022. 2022. 18 au 20 août 2022, Québec, communication orale, virtuel.

Tania Sabatino (UdeM) et al. “Perceived Mental Health and Intervention Needs Among Undergraduate Students Pursuing Health-Professional Degrees in Rehabilitation: A Photovoice Project”. 6th International Association of Youth Mental Health Conference. 29 septembre au 1er octobre 2022, Copenhague (Danemark), affiche.

Stephanie Sersli (USherbrooke) et al. “Where can I get a drink around here? Association between neighbourhood disadvantage and alcohol outlet density in a liveable city”. International Medical Geography Symposium (IMGS). 19 au 24 juin 2022, Édimbourg (Écosse), communication orale, présentiel.

2021-2022 Édition spéciale IUPES

Geneviève Groulx (UdeM). "Exploration des facteurs contextuels et individuels qui façonnent les besoins de santé des migrants mineurs non accompagnés à Montréal"

Justine Marcotte (ULaval). “The walking interview: A promising method to promote the participation of autistic people

Marietou Niang (ULaval). "Modélisation systémique des déterminants de la mise à l’échelle et de la pérennisation des innovations en santé : une étude de cas qualitative au Burkina Faso et au Mali"

Laurianne Ouellet (ULaval). "Le développement d’une offre de services de santé en contexte socioculturel inuit : Défis, stratégies et considérations pour le futur"

Gabrielle Pratte (USherbrooke). "Promouvoir le développement optimal et prévenir les retards de développement chez les enfants de 0-5 ans en milieu de garde : le rôle des professionnels"

Stéphanie Sersli (USherbrooke). "Who are the sober, ‘sensible’, and binge drinkers? Sociodemographic and adult role correlates of alcohol use in Canadian emerging adults"

Aristide Tchangou Wépandjoué (USherbrooke). "Analyse des inégalités socio-spatiales d’accessibilité aux espaces verts des jeunes adultes de 16 à 30 ans de Sherbrooke, Québec"

Consultez leurs résumés en cliquant ici


Julie Bélanger (ULaval). “Tailoring a collaborative platform to develop decision aids and support their broad implementation”. International Conference on Communication in Health (ICCH 2021). 17-20 octobre 2021, affiche, virtuel

Owolabi Gaudens Pamphile Acakpo (ULaval). “Implementation of an integrated care pathway in primary care clinics to improve the health of older adults: a realist evaluation”. NACIC2021 – 1st North American Conference on Integrated Care. 4-7 octobre 2021, communication orale, Toronto, Canada 

Tierry Morel-Laforce (UdeM). “Using an implementation research tool to guide the implementation of non invasive prenatal screening”. 14th World Conference on Bioethics, Medical Ethics & Health Law. 7-10 mars 2022, communication orale, Porto, Portugal

Consultez les résumés


Annulé en raison de la pandémie


Caroline Duchaine (ULaval). "Effect of psychosocial work factors on the risk of certified absences from work for a diagnosed mental health problem". Work, Stress and Health Conference, November 6-9, 2019, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA - Communication orale disponible en ligne

Janie Gobeil (USherbrooke). "Effets de l’APIC sur le parcours de vie d’aînés ayant des incapacités : perspectives croisées d’aînés accompagnés et d’accompagnateurs bénévoles". 6e Colloque internationnal du REIACTIS "Société inclusive et avancée en âge", 4 au 6 février 2020 Metz (France) - Communication orale disponible en ligne

Ellen Jackson (UdeM). "Effect of Cysticercosis Education on Improving the Knowledge, Attitudes, and Intentions towards Persons with Epilepsy in Burkina Faso". 1st International CYSTINET-Africa Conference (ICC 2019), 26-28 November, 2019, Mount Meru Hotel, Arusha Tanzania - Communication orale disponible en ligne

Samuel St-Amour (UQAM). "Effect of a short bout of physical exercise on emotional regulation in adults with borderline personality disorder". International Society for the Study of Personality Disorder 2019 Congress, 5-18 octobre 2019, Vancouver, Canada - Communication orale disponible en ligne

Ivan Sarmiento (McGill University). "Using fuzzy cognitive mapping to build soft models of indigenous knowledge about safe motherhood". 47th NAPCRG 2019 Annual Meeting, November 16-20, Toronto, Canada - Communication orale disponible en ligne


Marietou Niang (ULaval). "Les déterminants de la pérennisation et de la mise à l’échelle des innovations en santé mondiale : une proposition de cadre conceptuel". 24th Canadian Conference on Global Health in Toronto, November 19-21, 2018. Affiche/Poster

Juan Pimentel (McGill University). "Using a Sequential-Consensual Qualitative Study to Co-Design a Curriculum for Cultural Safety Training of Medical Students in Colombia". 3rd World Conference on Qualitative Research. October 18, 2018. Présentation/Presentation

Hao Zhang (McGill University). "An underutlization of Baysian Confirmatory Factor Anlaysis in Primary Care Research: A systematic review". 46 North American Primary Care Research Group annual meeting (NAPCRG). Affiche/Poster


Borvil Achille Dadly (UdeM) "The evolution of the articulation of organizational and collective interests in a deliberative process". Fuse International – Conference on Knowledge Exchange in Public Health, May 8-10, 2018, Vancouver, Canada. Coauteurs: Natalie Kishchuk, Louise Potvin. 

Giguère Katia (ULaval) "Validation of self-reported condom use with biomarkers of semen exposure among female sex workers in Cotonou, Benin" et "Trends in condom use among female sex workers participating in a demonstration study on HIV treatment as prevention and pre-exposure prophylaxis in Cotonou, Benin". 19th International Conference on AIDS and STIs in Africa (ICASA 2017), Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire, 4-9 décembre 2017. Coauteurs: Béhanzin Luc, Guédou Fernand, Goma Ella, Leblond François A., Zannou Djimon Marcel, Alary Michel.

Giroux Yan (UdeM) "L'évolution de l'offre de services de soutien à l'autonomie des aînés au québec entre 2006 et 2016". 7econgrès mondial – La profession infirmière engagée vers l’avenir : Chercher, innover, soigner. Bordeaux, France.3-6 juin 2018. Coauteurs: Damien Contandriopoulos, Arnaud Duhoux.

Hains-Monfette Gabriel (UQAM) "Physical activity and sedentary measured objectively in a representative sample of adult with chronic disease : a cross-sectional study". SBM's 39th Annual Meeting & Scientifc Sessions, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, April 11th-14th 2018. Coauteur: Paquito Bernard.

Jones Catherine M. (UdeM) "Policy processes without borders – forms of interaction between arenas of national policies on global health and global health governance". 59th Annual Convention in San Francisco, April 2018. Coauteurs: Carole Clavier, Louise Potvin.

Lamoureux-Lamarche Catherine (USherrbrooke) "La concordance entre les troubles de santé mentale courants auto-rapportés et diagnostiqués par le médecin chez les personnes âgées". 11eCongrès International Francophone de Gérontologie et Gériatrie (CIFGG), Montreux (Suisse), 13-15 Juin 2018. Coauteurs: Johanne Filiatrault, Lucie Richard.

Lorthios-Guilledroit Agathe (UdeM) "Évaluation de l’implantation d’un programme de prévention des chutes offert par des pairs". Conférence: BIEN VIEILLIR AU 21ème SIÈCLE - 11e Congrès International Francophone de Gérontologie et Gériatrie (CIFGG), 13-15 juin 2018, Montreux, Suisse. Coauteurs: Johanne Filiatrault, Lucie Richard.

Minoyan Nanor (UdeM) "Questioning the gold standard: methodological concerns in cluster-randomized trials of public health interventions in low- and middle-income countries". Society for Epidemiologic Research Annual Meeting, Baltimore, Maryland, Juin 19-22, 2018. Coauteurs: Perez Myriam Cielo, Ridde Valéry, Sylvestre Marie-Pierre, Johri Mira.

Perreault Karine (UdeM) "Moving to a new house in Nunavik and Nunavut: assessing the associations between changes in housing conditions and improvement in mental health".17th International Congress of Circumpolar Health, ICCH17, August 12-15, 2018, Copenhagen, Denmark. Coauteurs: Riva, Mylene; Fletcher, Christopher; Dufresne, Philippe.

Pimentel Juan (McGill) "Participatory Serious Games Development to Foster Cultural Safety in Medical Education in Colombia". The 9th Annual CUGH Global Health Conference, March 15th-18th 2018, New York City, NY. Coauteur: Neil Andersson.

Sarmiento Ivan (McGill) "Role of men and traditional illnesses: key factors for safe motherhood in indigenous communities - Safe birth in cultural safety". Indigenous Health Conference, Toronto, May 24-26, 2018. Coauteurs: Sergio Paredes-Solís, Neil Andersson.


BAYARD Chantal (INRS) "How do celebrities perform breastfeeding selfies (brelfies) on social media?" Motherlines: Mothering, Motherhood, and Mothers In and Through the Generations: Theory, Narrative, Representation, Practice and Experience, Motherhood Initiative for Research and Community and Involvement and UNESCO Child and Family Research Centre, National University of Ireland, Galway, 6-9 July, 2017.

DORÉ Isabelle (UdeM) "Does relatedness to others in physical activity promote mental health and prevent mental disorders?", 6th International Society of Physical Activity and Public Health Congress, Bangkok, 16 -19 nov. 2016

LECLERC Jacinthe (U Laval)  "Hospitalizations and emergency consultations following generic antihypertensive drugs commercialization in Quebec", Scientific Sessions 2016, American Heart Association, New Orleans, 12-16 nov. 2016

LORTHIOS Agathe (UdM) "What are the optimal conditions to implement peer-led health promotion programs? A systematic review", Global implementation conference 2017 – Expanding implementation perspectives : Engaging systems, Toronto, 10-21 juin 2017

LUNGHI Carlotta (U Laval) "Depression and medication non-adherence in type 2 diabetic patients: association and factors associated with non-adherence", 20thEuropean Society for Patient Adherence, Compliance and Persistence Conference, Lisboa, 18-19 nov. 2016

NGANGUE Patrick (U Laval) "Failure to return for post-test counseling and HIV test results at the prevention and voluntary testing and counseling centers of Douala, Cameroon: an evaluation of a routine five-year program", Colloque international "Sciences sociales et VIH/sida en Afrique subsaharienne", Abidjan, 12-14 décembre 2016

ROULEAU Geneviève (U Laval) "Online training to support nurses accompanying people living with HIV with medication adherence", 4th International Conference on Medical Informatics, Londron, 6-7 oct. 2016

VAN DER WAL Ran (McGill) "Bottlenecks and Red Tape Reduce Access to Government Support Programs by Botswana’s Most Vulnerable Young Women", 8th Consortium of Universities for Global Health’s annual Conference, Washington DC, 6-9 April 2017.


BATONA Georges (U Laval):  "Développement et implantation d’une intervention de promotion du dépistage régulier du VIH chez les femmes travailleuses du sexe au Bénin : Application du protocole de « l’intervention mapping”, 22e Conférence canadienne sur la santé mondiale, Montréal, Canada.

COURTEMANCHE Yohann (U Laval): "HIV / HCV in Quebec's Provincial Detention Centres: Prevalence, Related Risk Factors, Access to Services and Care. Comparing Cross-sectional Data from 2003 and 2014", The North American Housing and HIV/AIDS Research Summit, Summit VIII: Tackling the Social Drivers of HIV, Washington, United States.

DELACUWE Béatrice (U Laval): "Inuit customary adoption: Risk factors of attention and externalizing problems at scholl-age", 5th International Conference on Adoption Research (ICAR5), Auckland, Nouvelle-Zélande.


DRUETZ Thomas (U de Montréal):  "Revisiting the contribution of community health workers to child mortality reduction". Présentation au 14ème Congrès mondial de santé publique, Kolkata (Inde) 11 au 15 février 2015.



GOLLOCK  Aboubakry (UdeM):  « Brevets pharmaceutiques, expropriations et privatisations des savoirs traditionnels en Afrique : enjeux économiques et éthiques.» et « L'échec de la réforme régime canadien d'accès aux médicaments (RCAM) : quels enseignements pour les négociations post-Doha ?» Colloque EthicMedAfrique : Nouveaux enjeux éthiques du Médicament en Afrique, 1-2 juillet 2013, Dakar (Sénégal).

MATHIEU-CHARTIER Sara (UdeM) : « Toward a Social-constructivist View of Serious Game : Practical Implacations for the Design of a Sexual Health Education Video Game», 5th Global Conference – Videogame Cultures, 14-16 juillet 2013, Oxford (UK)

MONSON Eva (U. McGill): « Quality of Life and Social Support in Relation to Trauma and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder», 27th Conference of the European Health Psychology Society, 16-20 juillet 2013, Bordeaux (France).

REY Lynda (UdeM) : « Assessing the implementation of the promoting birthing center (HPBC) in Montreal», 21st International HPH Conference, 22-24 mai 2013, Gothenburg (Suède). 


BOILEAU-FALARDEAU Michèle (UdeM) :  « La mise en place d'un courtier de connaissance au Burkina Faso», 2nd Symposium on Health Systems Research, 31 octobre - 3 novembre 2012, Beijing (Chine).

D'SOUZA Nicole (U. McGill) : « Beyond PSTD: Religion, mobility and social networks in Highland Peruy», 3rd International Congress of GLADET (Grupo Latino Americano de Estudios Transculturales), 9-11 août 2012.

DUPRAS, Charles (UdeM) : « Epigenetics and the environment in bioethics (Oral)», 11th World Congress of Bioethics, International Association of Bioethics (IAB), 26-29 juin 2012.

MONSON Eva (U. McGill): « Findings from an Epidemiological Catchment Area: Quality of Life and Social Support in Relation to Trauma and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder», 30th International Congress of Psychology (ICP), 22-27 juillet 2012.


BORGÈS DA SILVA Roxane (UdeM) : « L'évolution de l'organisation et de la performance des services de 1ère ligne (2005-2010) dans deux régions du Québec : Montréal et Montérégie », « Évaluation d'un nouveau modèle de soins intégrés au Québec : une étude de cohortes utilisant un score de propension», « Utilisation des urgences au Québec : y a-t-il des différences entre milieu rural et milieu urbain?», « Affiliation à un médecin de famille et mammographie», Congrès de la Société Française de Santé Publique (SFSP), 2 -4 novembre 2011, Lille (FRANCE).

DIONNE Pierre-Alexandre ( U. Sherbrooke) : « The economic impact attributable to the inappropriate prescription of benzodiazepines in the elderly», 16e Conférence annuelle de l'International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcome Research (ISPOR), 20-25 mai 2011.

FILLION Myriam (UQÀM) : « Mercury research in the Brazilian Amazon: from research, to results sharing, to research» et « Visual functions in Fish-Eating Communities of the Brazilian Amazon», 10th International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant (ICMGP), 24-29 juillet 2011.

HERBERT Christophe (U. McGill) : « Creation and Evaluation of an University eCourse related to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder», European Conference on Traumatic Stress (ECOTS) organisée par European Society for Traumatic Stress Studies (ESTSS), 2-5 juin 2011.

LEMIRE Mélanie (U. Laval):  « Selenium and mercury opposing influences in fish-eating populations of the Brazilian Amazon » - paneliste invitée, 10th International Conference on Mercury as a Global Pollutant (ICMGP), 24-29 juillet 2011.


MOUBARAC Jean-Claude (UdeM) : « Contextual and individual factors associated with consumption of sweet foods in healthy individuals living in an urban setting», SOPHE 61st Annual Meeting - "Healthy People 2010: Scaling New Heights", 4-6 novembre 2010.

BLOUIN Brittany (U. McGill) : « Maternal anemia modifies the effect of the timing of umbilical cord clamping on infant anemia in the Peruvian Amazon», Global Congress on Maternal and Infant Health, 22-25 septembre 2010.

ST-CYR Isabelle (U. McGill) : « Reproductive Health Care Access for Urban Migrants in Kampala, Uganda », Canadian Pubic Health Association Centennial Conference, 13-16 juin 2010.



BORGÈS DA SILVA Roxane (UdeM) : « Taxonomie des médecins: profil de pratique et indicateurs de prestations des services», « Le changement organisationnel en première ligne médicale: suivi d'une cohorte d'organisations de soins primaires», et « Disparités de pratique entre les médecins vivant sur un territoire rural et les médecins venant ponctuellement de zone pourvues. (Poster) », Congrès de la Société française de santé publique, Nantes (France), 1-3 octobre 2009.

LEMIEUX Valérie (UdeM) : « The Association of Organisational and Individual Characteristics with Patient Self-Efficacy for Managing Chronic Illness», 2009 North American Primary Research Group (NAPCRG) Annual Meeting, Montréal (Canada),14-18 novembre 2009.

AUBIN Karine (U. Laval) : « Le concept de continuité, les soins infirmiers et le système de santé québécois: une histoire à dire et à écrire», 4e Congrès mondial des infirmières et infirmiers francophones, Marrakech, (Maroc), 7 au 11 juin 2009.

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