Support for the writing of scientific publications

Contest 2018-2019


The Quebec Population Health Research Network (RRSPQ) is pleased to announce its support for writing scientific publications program. The purpose of this program is to financially support network members for writing scientific publications (books, articles) dealing with a topic related to health populations research and preferably with the activities of its strategic groupings. Scientific productions making use of new communication media (web, CD-Rom, etc.) are eligible as well as publication costs of free access (Open Access).

Eligible projects are those that fall within the mission of RRSPQ and that achieve the objectives of the latter (see


The Network provides partial funding to supplement existing funding for an ongoing project or new projects in partnership with other funders. The amount of scholarships is up to $ 3,000.


 “Regular researcher” or “student” members of RRSPQ – in any team of researchers / authors or groups of researchers / authors whose publication deals with a topic related to research in population health – are eligible for this contest. Publications, which may be in French or English, will have to join one of the strategic priorities of the Network (see Strategic Priorities). Preference will be given to works that will be the result of interdisciplinary, interinstitutional or intersectorial collaborations between several authors. Publications can focus on research issues in population health, methods or results of original research.

The publication of the same work cannot be funded more than once by the RRSPQ and/or its strategic groupings or training programs.


Applications must be submitted as one single attachment (Microsoft Word or PDF file) via electronic mail – by mentioning “Competition – scientific publications” as the subject – no later than the submission’s deadline day at the following address:

Content of Applications

Please upload the application form to know more about the expected content of you submission.


Applications will be evaluated by a committee established by the Board and the results will be announced during the month following the submission.

Evaluation Criteria :

  • Current state of publication progress
  • Quality, originality, and innovative nature of the publication
  • Congruity with the mission, goals and strategic priorities of the Network
  • Ability to support the advancement of reflection and research in population health, impact of the research and knowledge transfer
  • Interdisciplinary, interinstitutional and intersectorial collaborations
  • Ability of national and international influence
  • Leverage effect:  structuring impact, creation of new collaborations, international reach, …
  • For books: quality of dissemination plan
  • Quality of journal or publisher - Please, beware of predatory journals! (See

Recipients’ commitments

  • Funded authors must submit a financial report and a receipt in order to be reimbursed.
  • Funded authors must inform the Network about any evolution in the publication process. If the publication is rejected, they agree to re-submit their manuscript, following needed changes. They must send a copy of the publication published to serve as a scientific report.
  • Funded authors will explicitly mention the Network financial contribution in the publication. The following acknowledgment is suggested: “The authors thank the Quebec Population Health Research Network (QPHRN) for its contribution to the financing of this publication”
  • Funded authors must do a presentation in regards to the publication at the Annual Scientific Meeting following the publication of their work.


For more information , please upload the application form (and save it on your computer before completing it) and the description of the competition. For questions, please write to

    List of recipients 2016-2017

    ANDERSSON Neil (McGill U.): "Safe motherhood in cultural safety – intercultural dialogue in support of indigenous midwifery in southern Mexico: pragmatic cluster-randomised controlled trial", in Trials.

    VISCOGLIOSI, Chantal (U. Sherbrooke): "A scoping review protocol to map social participation of Indigenous elders, intergenerational solidarity and their relationship with individuals and community wellness", in BMJ Open.

    List of recipients 2015-2016

    FOURNIER Louise (U de Montréal): Numéro spécial de la revue Santé mentale du Québec.

    TURCOTTE Pier Luc (U de Sherbrooke): Article: Participation needs of older adults having disabilities and receiving home care: met needs mainly concern daily activities, while unmet needs mostly involve social activities.

    VASILIADIS Helen Maria (U de Sherbrooke): Livre: Épidémiologie psychiatrique et vieillissement.

    Cancellation of the 2013-2014 Competition

    The FRQS budget allocated to the QPHRN/RRSPQ for 2013-2014 has been decreased by 20% compared to our projections.

    This drastic reduction requires the adjustment of the network budget allocation of each item of expenditure. This has forced the Network to cancel the 2013-2014 Book Writing Competition.

    In the Network's application for renewal of the grant to the FRQS which is to be submitted in the fall of 2013, members of the Board of Directors will ensure that the funding of all essential to its mission activities can be restored.

    List of recipients 2012 - 2013

    CLÉMENT Michèle, GAGNÉ Jean, RODRIGEZ DEL BARRIO Lourdes, VALLÉE, Catherine : Participation publique et santé mentale: Construire l'utopie. Presses de l'Université du Québec, Collection: Problèmes sociaux et interventions sociales. À paraître (2012-2013: M Clément, $5,000)

    KLEIN Alexandre, PARAYRE Séverine (sous la direction de) : Une histoire des pratiques de santé (XVIIIe-XXe siècles). État des lieux, comparatif et méthodologies des recherches francophones. Presses universitaires de Laval. À paraître (2012-2013: F. Guérard/A Klein, $3,50)