Appels à communication 11th Canadian Science Policy Conference

November 13-15, 2019; Ottawa

Canadian Science Policy Centre is pleased to announce the themes of this year conference. Since 2018, we have decided to have fix general themes in order to have a big tenet for all interesting discussions at the intersection of science, innovation policy and society. Each theme includes several topics. These topics are selected through consultations with experts, delegates feedback. While the proposals do not have to be within any specific bullet point, these topics are encouraged.

Science and Policy

  • What constitutes evidence and whose evidence counts

  • Traditional knowledge and policy making

  • Case studies of science informing policy

  • Open science and its impact on policy for science

  • Policy making and new scientific and technological advances: e.g. CRISPR, Synthetic Biology, AI

  • Changing configurations of science funding mechanisms - opportunities and challenges

  • Federal provincial coordination in policy making for science and innovation

  • New frontiers of science: Interdisciplinary, multidisciplinary and convergence science

Science and Society

  • Science in the age of populism

  • A national agenda for science

  • Convergence science and tackling grand challenges

  • Disruptive technology and societal impacts

  • Democratization of science; participatory science, challenges and opportunities

  • Communicating science; interdisciplinary and the use of new technologies

  • Science and inclusivity

  • Diaspora scientists

Science, Innovation and Economic Development

  • Innovation and Canadian private sector: perspectives and challenges

  • Super clusters; review a year into the process

  • Canada’s inclusive Innovation Agenda

  • Changing landscape of Canadian R&D: government, industry and post-secondary Institutions

  • Economic strategy tables

  • Harnessing science and technology to economic growth and job creation

  • The impact of the social sciences and humanities on innovation 

Science, International Affairs and Security

  • Science diplomacy and new world order

  • Science in the age of de-globalization

  • Cyber Security; a serious global challenge

  • Sustainable Development Goals 2030

  • International community and climate change

Science and the Next Generation

  • Modernization of scientists training

  • New generation of science advocates

  • What is science professional career path?

  • Skills, training, and work integrated learning