Événements 2nd IOT, Big Data Healthcare Summit Western Canada

Sensors, mobile devices, and related technologies are presenting new opportunities and risks for businesses. Collectively known as the Internet of Things (IoT), this broad term covers all non-computer and non-phone Internet-connected devices.

Healthcare environments produce a tremendous amount of information because of their process, engagement of multiple players and high volume of users. That data is only going to increase as baby-boomers reach retirement age and require better and more frequent healthcare services. With large cohorts of an ageing population and ageing infrastructure, service delivery becomes expensive and difficult for cities and governments. Automating systems through utilization of IoT, Big Data, and M2M tools and technologies demonstrate great opportunity to reduce operating costs significantly, utilize those savings more effectively, and provide better services to communities.

There has been a lot of buzz about “big data” over the last few years. This is hardly surprising, given the sheer scale of the data sets that are being produced daily. A total of 2.5 quintillion terabytes of data were generated every day in 2012 alone, and it is estimated that as much data is now generated in just two days as was created from the dawn of civilization until 2003. While other industries have been far more successful at harnessing the value from large-scale integration and analysis of big data, healthcare is just getting its feet wet. To bridge this gap and to create a common platform for healthcare professionals and technology players, we are organizing a conference that will facilitate dialogue, create learning opportunities, and help the industry become efficient and move forward.

After the success of the IoT, Big Data Healthcare Summit in Toronto in June 2016 and the IoT, Big Data Healthcare Summit Western Canada in Vancouver in January 2017, this will be the 2nd IoT, Big Data Healthcare Summit Western Canada. It is an umbrella event that will encompass IoT, Big Data, and Machine to Machine (M2M). The objective of the conference is to bring the whole healthcare industry under one roof and understand opportunities and challenges IoT technologies and tools present. Needs and challenges faced by each of these are unique and so are opportunities to improve service, reduce costs, and improve healthcare systems.

Visit: https://iotevents.ca/event/healthcare-west-2/