Événements EN: Cochrane Canada Symposium 2017, Ontario, May 11-12

The Symposium will be held at McMaster University's David Braley Health Sciences Centre 11-12 May 2017. This year's theme is Evidence and Impact. Are invited to attend: consumers, healthcare and public health practitioners, health program managers, health policy decision makers, systematic reviewers and other researchers, guideline developers, trainees, workplace wellness professionals and health research evidence end users.

Symposium Learning Objectives

At the end of the symposium, participants will:

  • Be aware of, learn about, or apply the latest research and tools to produce high-quality, relevant, up-to-date systematic reviews and other synthesized research evidence.
  • Learn about the latest strategies and innovations to ensure evidence can be used by people making healthcare decisions, including consumers, practitioners, researchers and policy makers.
  • Discuss opportunities to contribute to efforts to improve the impact of evidence on healthcare decision making.

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