Webinaires Watch the NCCIH Webinar - Visioning the Future: First Nations, Inuit, & Métis Population and Public Health Series – Environmental and Mental Health

This webinar takes a holistic approach to considering Indigenous health. Such an approach looks into and beyond the physical environmental factors affecting Indigenous Peoples’ health to include the emotional, spiritual, and intellectual landscapes that influence their overall well-being.

In this webinar, Dr. Shannon Waters will examine the impact of the disrupted relationship between Indigenous Peoples and place (land, water, animals, plants) on the health of the land and all living beings. She will consider best practices for re-establishing Indigenous Peoples’ connection to and ownership/co-governance of the natural environment. Dr. Chris Mushquash will present ways in which historical and ongoing processes of colonization have disrupted Indigenous Peoples’ health and mental wellness. He will examine a full spectrum of culturally and contextually appropriate supports and services to promote Indigenous Peoples’ mental health.


June 20, 2022 - 13h00

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