Internet and Health

Brief description

Information and communication technologies (ICT) have an impact in the field of Population Health (PH) research. Studies on ICT use and their impact on PH are a rapidly developing field of research (Internet-Health – IH). ICT use a variety of technological tools, multiple sources of information, which raises important ethical issues, and strategies of uses which influence all areas of health, including especially those covered by each of the other strategic groups of the Network.


In terms of more specific issues of the Internet, an emerging issue can be raised: the Internet use and its impact among groups of adolescents and young adults. These uses can contribute to access to problematic information on sexual health. Mental health problems related to use (use of information on drugs and diverted medications, compulsion and addiction to online games, etc.) also need to be better understood.

ICT have also changed the sharing modes, transfer and exchange of knowledge due to the proliferation of web-based tools (diffusion portals for research results, online journals, scientific popularization, communities of practice, social networks). Theoretical models and evaluation of these new approaches and best practices in this area need to be better studied.


Objectives of the Grouping

  • Increase the capacity for interdisciplinary inter-institutional and inter-sectora lresearch on ICT and health
  • To support structuring initiatives on Internet and health, Internet and health of young adults and knowledge transfer and exchange by supporting interdisciplinary, inter-institutional and inter-sectoral networking
  • To promote the sharing and use of knowledge from research in health and the Internet, Internet and health of young adults and knowledge transfer and exchange locally and internationally

Person in charge

Chantal Robillard

Université du Québec à Montréal 

455, René Levesque Est, local W-R 440
Montréal (Québec) H2L 4Y2
Tel. 514 987 3000 - ​#​ 0924



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