Soutien à la recherche et concours FR/EN - Soutien étudiant au transfert des connaissances - Éthique et santé des populations / Student support for knowledge transfer - Ethics and Population Health - 2e Édition

Knowledge translation competition for students members of the Network: Population Health and Ethical Issues - Swecond Edition 2022-2023



Population health research aims to identify, understand and act on the social determinants of health in order to guide public health interventions and inform public policy with the goal of improving the health of populations. The QPHRN's mission is to support the development of population health research capacity in Quebec. Recent scientific and technological developments raise, in addition to societal, economic, and legal issues, ethical issues related to population health. The recent pandemic has demonstrated the crucial importance of ethical questions concerning public health (e.g. in relation to the implementation of health measures and the evaluation of their consequences for populations), but also other important questions in the context of population health related to the use of new technologies, the allocation of resources, and the use of evidence and research results in policy-making.

Goal of the competition

The goal of this competition is to allow student members of the network to develop innovative knowledge translation projects exploring ethical issues in the field of population health. Projects that explore several ethical dimensions and that aim to engage one or more social actors (patients, health professionals, decision-makers, others) will be favoured. In a spirit of knowledge translation, student researchers and knowledge producers are expected to communicate the knowledge gained from their research to potential users, such as practitioners, decision makers and the general public, in an appropriate manner and preferably throughout the process.[1]


The student is free to select the format of the project, such as a policy brief, awareness kit, podcast, companion guide, infographic or video vignette. 

Eligibility Criteria

  • This competition is open to student members of the RRSPQ. 
  • At the time of the payment of funds, the student must not have funds from another granting organization for the realization of this project.
  • In order to provide equitable access to all and to support a greater number of our student members, the same student cannot be funded more than once per year by the QPHRN.
  • The same project can only be funded once by the FRQS which funds the QPHRN.

Evaluation Criteria

The evaluation of proposals will be based on the following elements: 

  • Scientific quality: clarity of the problem and objectives; rigor of the approach; means envisaged to improve the effectiveness of scientific communications to the intended audience (40/100)
  • Impact: expected results in terms of potential impact (10/100)
  • Relevance in relation to the priority research areas of the QPHRN ethics axis that funds this call (20/100)
  • Feasibility of the proposal and description of a clear and realistic timeline (20/100)
  • Originality of the project (10/10)


  • Students who are funded will be required to submit a scientific report.
  • Funded students agree to acknowledge the financial participation of the QPHRN and to use the QPHRN logo (if possible), including in publications, announcements and any communication. The following wording is suggested: "We thank the Ethics Axis of the Quebec Population Health Research Network (QPHRN) for their contributions to the funding of this project." 
  • Awardees agree to publish a summary of their research project (in French or English) on the QPHRN website.
  • Students who receive funding are expected to attend the Network's annual scientific day. 


Applications must be submitted by email in .doc, .docx, or .pdf format with the subject line "Knowledge Translation Competition: Population Health and Ethical Issues" to

Download the application form here

Evaluation of applications

Applications will be evaluated by a committee set up by the QPHRN Ethics Axis in collaboration with the network's student committee. The results will be communicated in the month following the deadline for submission of projects, subject to the availability of the designated evaluators.


For further information, please contact Tzvetelina Tzoneva, Ethics Axis Coordinator, at



[1]The Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) defines dissemination as "Dissemination involves identifying the appropriate audience and tailoring the message and medium to the audience. Dissemination activities may include providing summaries and briefings to stakeholders; educational sessions with patients, practitioners or policy makers; engaging knowledge users in the development and execution of dissemination and implementation plans; creating tools; and engaging the media" (see 

Application deadline

February 15, 2023, 5 pm


2 fundings of 1 500$ each

Download the pdf description of this competition

Download the application form


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