Webinaires L’évaluation critique des données probantes issues de la recherche en santé publique

Webinaire présenté en anglais par le Centre de collaboration nationale des méthodes et outils (CCNMO)

Critical appraisal is an invaluable step in the evidence-informed decision making process. However, it can be challenging to select appropriate critical appraisal tools and apply their use in practice. The NCCMT is excited to host Dr. Marilyn Macdonald and Dr. Lori Weeks from the JBI Centre of Excellence (https://www.dal.ca/faculty/health/nursing/research/JBI.html) to present a webinar on the critical appraisal of public health research evidence. This session will provide an overview of the importance of critical appraisal as well as an introduction to some of JBI’s critical appraisal tools (https://jbi.global/critical-appraisal-tools). If you are interested in learning more about critical appraisal, register for the webinar today!

Date et heure

11 juin de 13h00 à 14h30