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Yuliya Bodryzlova Legkaya (UdeM) et al., “Dynamic model of health assets for positive cognitive health of older adults: a secondary analysis of the longitudinal SHARE data.”

Roberta de Cervalho Corôa (ULaval) et al., “Innovation Scalability Self-administered Questionnaire (ISSaQ) : a Delphi study.”

Simon Coulombe (ULaval) et al., “Mental Health in Canadian SME Workers: Associations with Sociodemographic and Work-Related Factors.”

Vincent Couture (ULaval) et al., “Ethical Issues Raised by Artificial Intelligence and Big Data in Population Health: A Scoping Review.”

Marie-France de Lafontaine (ULaval) et al., “Individual, Sociodemographic and Work-Related Factors Involved in Psychological Distress and Flourishing in Canadian SME Workers.”

Pamela Fernainy (UdeM) et al., “Rethinking the pros and cons of randomized controlled trials and observational studies in the era of big data and advanced methods: A panel discussion.BMC Proc 18 (Suppl 2), 1 (2024).

Mireille Jasmin (UQO) et al., « Médecins de famille et psychiatres dans les services en santé mentale adulte au Québec, un portrait des pratiques centrées sur la famille. »

Parnor Madjitey (McGill) et al., “Exploring the perspectives of Liberian frontline health workers on ethical tensions experienced during Ebola epidemic and COVID-19 pandemic.”

Suzanne Mak (McGill) et al., “Unraveling attrition and retention: a qualitative study with rehabilitation professionals.Work, vol. Pre-press, no. Pre-press, pp. 1-15, 2024.

Corentin Montiel (UQAM) et al., “Uncovering the Unintended Benefits of Participating in a Qualitative Study on the Experience of Men Diagnosed with Cancer.”

Lydia Ould Brahim (McGill) et al., “The Consolidated Intervention Adaptation Process (COINS): Lessons learned developing and undertaking an empirically and theoretically driven intervention adaptation.”

Ariane Plaisance (UQAR) et al., “Knowledge on the consequences of health promotion interventions in palliative care in African low-income countries : a scoping review.”

Christine Sauvé (UQO) et al., « Exploration des principes, des bienfaits et des défis du co-design lors de la création d’un service d'accompagnement à l'autogestion en santé mentale au Québec : une réflexion basée sur la littérature et un projet en cours. »

Frédérique Tremblay (ULaval) et al., “A systematic review of the association between history of sexually transmitted infections on subsequent condom use in adolescents.” BMC Public Health 24, 1000 (2024).

Raphaël Vincent (UdeM) et al., “Telemedicine for the initial evaluation of musculoskeletal disorders : a qualitative study.”

2022-2023 (Deux éditions du concours)

Nathalie Auger (UdeM) et al. “Suicide Attempts in Children Aged 10–14 Years During the First Year of the COVID-19 Pandemic”. Journal of Adolescent Health. In press (March 2023). Cet article fait partie de The Distinguished Dozen: 2023 JAH Articles Making Distinguished Contributions to Adolescent and Young Adult Health - un accomplissement remarquable pour ses auteurs et autrices !

Audrée Jeanne Beaudoin (USherbrooke) et al. « Intervention positive visant le développement des habiletés socioaffectives des enfants de 4 à 8 ans en milieu scolaire ». International Journal of Integrated Care 2023; 23(3): 11, 1–12. DOI: 

Kimberly Borwick (USherbrooke) et al. « Enjeux de sécurité culturelle concernant la transplantation et le don d’organe : perspectives de personnes issues des Premières Nations et professionnelles de la santé ».

Valérie Chauvin (UdeM) et al., "Impacts of social restrictions on mental health and health behaviours of individuals with multimorbidity during Covid-19 pandemic"Journal of Multimorbidity and Comorbidity. 2023;13. doi:10.1177/26335565231221609

Gabriel Côté Corriveau (McGill University) et al. "Hospitalization for child maltreatment and other types of injury during the COVID-19 pandemic". Child Abuse and Neglect (2023) 140: 106106.

Sarah Cooper (UdeM) et al. “Vaccination coverage in rural Burkina Faso under the effects of COVID-19: evidence from a panel study in eight districtsBMC Health Services Research volume 23, Article number: 1016 (2023).

Sarah Cooper (UdeM) et al. "What can be said about risks, vulnerabilities, and adaptation to climate change in Caribbean small island developing states (SIDs)? The case of Dominica. A qualitative study".

Lara Gauthier (UdeM) et al. "Learning from intersectoral initiatives to respond to the needs of refugees, asylum seekers, and migrants without status in the context of COVID-19 in Quebec and Ontario: A qualitative multiple case study protocol". Health Research Policy and Systems (2023) 21:59.

Jonathan Gervais-Hupé (UdeM) et al. "What are the perceived needs of people living with chronic pain regarding physiotherapy services? A scoping review".

Mélanie Levasseur (USherbrooke) et al. “Effect of age-friendly communities action plan on trajectories of older Canadians’ depressive symptoms between 2018 and 2020: multilevel results from the Canadian Longitudinal Study on Aging". 2024 Jan-Dec; 61. doi: 10.1177/00469580231225918

Marie-Hélène Lévesque (USherbrooke) et al“Social prescribing and preventive occupational therapy: A greater way to cope with adversity?”

Julie Massé (ULaval) et al. "Patients’ perspectives on their motivations for participating in non-clinical medical teaching and what they gain from their experience: a qualitative study informed by critical theory". Adv in Health Sci Educ (2023).

Eva Monson (UdeS) et al. "Gender disparity in prestigious speaking roles: A Study of 10 years of international conference programming in the field of gambling studies". PLoS ONE 18(6): e0286803.

Corentin Montiel (UQAM) et al. “'In My Mind, It Was Just Temporary': A Qualitative Study of the Impacts of Cancer on Men and Their Strategies to Cope". American Journal of Men’s Health. 2024;18(1). 

Tina Montreuil (McGill University) et al., "Integrating digital technology in perinatal mental healthcare: predictors of participation in a text message screening protocol for maternal anxiety and depression".

Nolwenn Noisel (UdeM) et al. Environnement et santé publique, fondements et pratique, 2e édition. 
Un ouvrage soutenu par le RRSPQ

Lauriane Ouellet (ULaval) et al“Healthy development of urban Inuit children: A look at the needs and resources to support Inuit families in southern Quebec”.

Jocelyne St-Arnaud (UdeM) et alSoins de fin de vie : qui décide ? Ed. Boréal - 2024.

Eleni Sofouli (McGill University) et al. "Sustaining recovery-oriented interventions: What we should be looking for?"

Cheick Oumar Tiendrebéogo (UdeM) et al. "Does abolishing user fees for family planning increase contraception use? An impact evaluation of the national policy in Burkina Faso"J Glob Health. 2022; 12: 04086. doi: 10.7189/jogh.12.04086

Ran van der Wal (McGill) et al. Vulnerable young women and frontline service providers identify options to improve the HIV-sensitivity of social protection programmes in Botswana: A modified Policy Delphi approach. Global Public Health, 18:1, DOI: 10.1080/17441692.2023.2255030


Bahram Armoon (McGill) et al. "Frequency of emergency department use and hospitalization comparing patients with different types of substance or polysubstance-related disordersSubstance Abuse Treatment, Prevention, and Policy, volume 16, Article number: 89 (2021).
Une publication soutenue par l’axe​ Santé mentale des populations

Louis Braverman (USherbrooke) et al. "Convivialité des municipalités canadiennes à l'égard des aînés : portrait et facteurs associés". Canadian journal of public health = Revue canadienne de sante publique, 10.17269/s41997-022-00617-9. Advance online publication - Avril 2022. Cliquez sur le titre pour lire l'article.
Une publication soutenue par l’axe Politiques publiques et santé des populations

Marie-Catherine Gagnon-Dufresne (UdeM) et al. “Considering social inequalities in health in large-scale testing for COVID-19 in Montréal: A qualitative case study”. BMC Public Health 22, 749 (2022). Cliquez sur le titre pour lire l'article.
Une publication soutenue par l’axe Inégalités sociales de santé et équité

Lia Gentil (McGill) et al. "Predictors of length of hospitalization and impact on early readmission for mental disorders".Int J Environ Res Public Health. 2022 Nov; 19(22): 15127
Une publication soutenue par l’axe​ Santé mentale des populations

Maripier Jubinville (UQO) et al. “Standardized and validated training to support the charge nurse: Research protocol”, Nurs Open. 2023 Jul;10(7):4756-4765.
Une publication soutenue par l’axe Politiques publiques et santé des populations

Karine Perreault (UdeM) et al. “We’re home now”: How a rehousing intervention shapes the mental well-being of Inuit adults in Nunavut, Canada?”. Int J Environ Res Public Health  2022 May 25;19(11):6432. Cliquez sur le titre pour lire l'article.
Une publication soutenue par le RRSPQ. 

Gabrielle Pratte (USherbrooke) et al. “How should specialized professionals be involved in childcare centers to support children’ development: Results from a scoping review”
Une publication soutenue par l’axe Inégalités sociales de santé et équité

Paul Rodrigues (UQAM) et al.Associations between neighbourhood characteristics and adolescents' dating violence: does geographical scale matter?” Int J Health Geogr 21, 6 (2022).
Une publication soutenue par l’axe Politiques publiques et santé des populations

Ivan Sarmiento (McGill University) et al.Safe birth in cultural safety in southern Mexico: a pragmatic non-inferiority cluster-randomised controlled trial”. BMC Pregnancy Childbirth 22, 43 (2022). Cliquez sur le titre pour lire l'article.
Une publication soutenue par le RRSPQ

Eleni Sofouli (McGill) et al. "Identifying and Exploring Sustainability Determinants of Mental Health Recovery-Oriented Interventions: A Mixed Methods Study Protocol. [Identifier et explorer les déterminants de la durabilité des interventions axées sur le rétablissement en santé mentale : une étude de cas multiples à méthodes mixtes]". Glob Implement Res Appl (2022).
Une publication soutenue par l’axe​ Santé mentale des populations

Kelly Vetri (UQO) et al. "An IPT-based bibliotherapy device for children of parents with a mental illness: perspectives of children, parents and psychosocial workers", Front Psychiatry. 2022; 13: 815873
Une publication soutenue par l’axe​ Santé mentale des populations

Azita Zahiriharsini (UQAR) et al. "Associations between psychosocial stressors at work and moral injury in frontline healthcare workers and leaders facing the COVID-19 pandemic: a cross-sectional study" J Psychiatr Res. 2022 Nov;155:269-278.
Une publication soutenue par l’axe​ Santé mentale des populations


Deschenaux Julie (UQAM) et al. : "Déterminants associés à l'intention du personnel enseignant d'enseigner l'éducation à la sexualité". 
Une publication soutenue par le RRSPQ (central).

Gagnon France (TELUQ) et al. : "Le système de santé et des services sociaux au Québec. Santé des populations et territorialité".
Une publication soutenue par le RRSPQ (central).

Gagnon Karine (USherbrooke) et al. : "Attendant’s experience with the Personalized citizen assistance for social participation (APIC)". 
Une publication soutenue par l'axe Politiques publiques et santé des population

Merry Lisa (UdeM) et al. : "Challenges, coping strategies and interventions for foreign-born students studying in an academic nursing program in a Western country: A scoping review using a gender lens".
Une publication soutenue par le RRSPQ (central).

Une publication soutenue par le RRSPQ (central).

Sarmiento Ivàn (McGill University) et al. : "Causes of short birth interval (kunika) in Bauchi State, Nigeria: systematizing local knowledge with fuzzy cognitive mapping".
Une publication soutenue par le RRSPQ (central).

Une publication soutenue par le RRSPQ (central).

Une publication soutenue par le RRSPQ (central).

Viscogliosi Chantal (USherbrooke) et al. : "Association between intergenerational solidarity involving elders and mental health of Indigenous people living off reserve".
Une publication soutenue par l'axe Santé mentale des populations.

Mac-Seing Muriel (UMontréal) et al.:  "How to navigate the application of ethics norms in global health research: reflections based on qualitative research conducted with people with disabilities in Uganda". Une publication soutenue par l'axe Santé mondiale


BELAID Loubna (McGill University) et al. : “I can now sit down and discuss with my husband about our family issues”: Narratives of change experienced by participants in a home visit program to improve maternal health in Northern Nigeria.

Une publication soutenue par le RRSPQ (central).

DOYLE Carla (McGill University) et al. : "Combination HIV prevention among Montreal gay, bisexual, and other men who have sex with men in the PrEP era: a latent class analysis".

Une publication soutenue par le RRSPQ (central).

LANIÈCE-DELAUNAY Charlotte (McGill University) et al. : "Trends in hepatitis C virus seroprevalence and associated risk factors among men who have sex with men in Montreal: results from three cross-sectional studies (2005, 2009, 2018)"

Une publication soutenue par le RRSPQ (central).

MAC-SEING Muriel (ESPUM, UdeM) et al. : "Pro-equity legislation, health policy and utilisation of sexual and reproductive health services by vulnerable populations in sub-Saharan Africa: A systematic review". 

Une publication soutenue par les axes Politiques publiques et santé des population et Santé mondiale

ROULEAU Geneviève (ULaval) et al. : "Codeveloping a virtual patient simulation to foster nurses’ relational skills consistent with motivational interviewing: A situation of antiretroviral therapy nonadherence".

Une publication soutenue par l'axe TIC & Santé

SARMIENTO Ivàn (McGill University) et al. : "Using fuzzy cognitive mapping to build soft models of indigenous knowledge on maternal health in Guerrero, Mexico".

Une publication soutenue par les axes Éthique et Inégalités sociales de santé et équité.

RANCOURT, Gabrielle (UdeM) sous la supervision d'Éric Robitaille et Maud Emmanuelle Labesse INSPQ: En route vers des environnements bâtis favorables à la mobilité durable - Actes de la journée thématique tenue dans le cadre des 22es Journées annuelles de santé publique (JASP) - INSPQ, 2019

Journée thématique tenue dans le cadre des 22es Journées annuelles de santé publique (JASP) et soutenue par le RRSPQ suite au concours de soutien à l'organisation de colloques 2018-2020.  


AG AHMED Ali Mohamad (ULaval) et al.: "Sociocultural determinants of nomadic women’s utilization of assisted childbirth in Gossi, Mali: A qualitative study" BMC Pregnancy and Childbirth 2018; 18: 388.

BERNARD Paquito (UQAM) et al.: "Dose response associations between objective physical activity with mental health in a representative national sample of adultsPLoS ONE 2018 13(10): e0204682

COCKCROFT Anne (McGill University) et al.: "The impact of universal home visits with pregnant women and their spouses on maternal outcomes: a cluster randomised controlled trial in Bauchi State, Nigeria",

DUHOUX Arnaud (UdeM) et al.: Quatre vidéos ESPI – Innover en première ligne pour répondre aux besoins de la population
Soutenu par le RS TIC & Santé.

LEVASSEUR Mélanie (USherbrooke) et al.: "Effect of Personalised citizen assistance for social participation (APIC) on older adults’ health and social participation: study protocol for a pragmatic multicentre randomised controlled trial (RCT)".
Soutenu par le RS ISSE.

LOUTFI David (McGill University) et al.: "Can social network analysis help to include marginalised young women in structural support programmes in Botswana? A mixed methods study" BMC International Journal for Equity and Health 2019; 18:12

SMITHMAN Mélanie Ann (USherbooke) et al.: "Area deprivation and centralized waiting lists for attachment to a family physician: An observational study in Quebec, Canada"
Soutenu par le RS ISSE.

ZINSZER Kate (UdeM): "Sustainable, healthy cities: Protocol of a mixed methods evaluation of a cluster randomized controlled trial for Aedes control in Brazil using a community mobilization approach". Trials 

ZOMBRE David (UdeM): "An evaluation of healthcare use and child morbidity four years after user fee removal in rural Burkina Faso".
Soutenu par le RS PPSP.


MICHAUD-LÉTOURNEAU Isabelle (USherbrooke) at al.: "Perspectives on the coordination of multisectoral nutrition in Mozambique and an emerging framework", Food policy (2017) 70: 84-97.
​Soutenu par le RS PPSP.

SARMIENTO Ivan (McGill U.) et al.: "Safe Birth and Cultural Safety in southern Mexico: study protocol for a randomised controlled trial", inTrials (2018) 19:354.

VISCOGLIOSI, Chantal (U. Sherbrooke) et al.: "A scoping review protocol on social participation of indigenous elders, intergenerational solidarity and their influence on individual and community wellness", in BMJ Open 2017; 7(5): e015931. 


TURCOTTE Pier Luc et al. (U de Sherbrooke): "Participation needs of older adults having disabilities and receiving home care: met needs mainly concern daily activities, while unmet needs mostly involve social activities". BMC Geriatr. 2015 Aug 1;15:95. doi: 10.1186/s12877-015-0077-1.

VASILIADIS Helen Maria (U de Sherbrooke) et collègues. Livre collectif : Épidémiologie psychiatrique et services de santé mentale en médecine générale. Étude sur les personnes âgées. 2018, Presses de l'Université de Montréal.


KLEIN Alexandre, PARAYRE Séverine (sous la direction de) Histoire de la santé XVIIIe-XXe siècles. Nouvelles recherches francophones.Presses de l’Université Laval. 2015. ISBN : 978-2-7637-2127-9.

MASSÉ Raymond, MONDOUX Isabelle (sous la direction de). Réduction des méfaits et tolérance en santé publique. Enjeux éthique et politiques. Presses de l'Université Laval, 2013. ISBN:978-2-7637-9878-3.