Webinaires Watch the webinar: One Health - Insights from The Lancet One Health Commission

The webinar - organized by the CReSP, UdeM, took place on March 9, 2021.

One Health is an interdisciplinary field of knowledge and practice that recognizes the fundamentally interdependent nature of health among humans, animals, and the environment that we share. One Health offers, as The Lancet One Health Commission will demonstrate, a systemic and sustainable response to some of the most complex and pressing global health challenges of the contemporary era. From the health threats posed by climate change, declining biodiversity, and food insecurity to those of emerging and endemic infectious diseases, antimicrobial resistance, and non-communicable diseases, the ambition of The Lancet One Health Commission is to galvanize the integrated approach to health at human-animal-environment interface on which our shared future depends. Chaired by Dr. John Amuasi and Prof. Andrea S. Winkler, The Lancet One Health Commission comprises the expertise of approximately 30 internationally renowned and multidisciplinary commissioners and scientific advisors from around the world.